Hamby Communications is a senior team delivering a full range of communications services, including messaging, speaker training, content development, and media relations. We have the experience to deliver high-impact PR programs, and a track record of success supporting major corporate brands, startups and agencies.

Hamby Communications helps clients tell their stories effectively and with authenticity-- whether it be about a new technology, a business success story or industry leadership. 

With a tailored approach for each client and assignment, we support your business objectives with strategic and creative communications programs. From planning through execution, we can help you achieve your business and communication goals.

The agency takes on project-based, periodic assignments, as well as long-term, ongoing work, tapping into an extended network of resources for the right communications expertise for each client. If you’re dealing with an immediate issue or need some quick guidance, Hamby Communications offers a QuickComms service--  flexible, immediate support at a scale that's right for you.




Lorraine Hamby founded Hamby Communications in 2014 to bring communications expertise to a variety of clients, serving companies in mobile payments, security, IoT, education and more. She is a communications expert who has managed numerous product launches, handled multiple high-pressure crisis scenarios and had a front-row seat to many of Silicon Valley's tech innovations.

Lorraine led corporate communications programs at Symantec, Hewlett-Packard and Intuit, overseeing efforts across corporate, small business, B2B and consumer. Her background spans PR, analyst relations, internal communications and social media. She’s also been on the other side of the interview, having begun her career as a journalist.

When not immersed in client work, she enjoys music (playing violin, mandolin and most recently attempting the cello) and art. She is a painter, and has participated in The Sketchbook Project, where her sketchbooks go on tour with hundreds of others around the country.