Art, Story and PR-- All in One!

I just participated in a project that magically combines all of my storytelling and creative worlds-- visual art (in this case-- collage), storytelling and public relations.

The Showtime network partnered with Arthouse Co-Op (the Sketchbook Project people) to promote its upcoming new show, Penny Dreadful. They invited a thousand artists to participate, via a 4x6 card, to bring their own view of dreadfulness to life. Being a Sketchbook Project participant, I received the invite and jumped at the chance.

The call for participation said "...sketch and narrate a little piece of your own horror tale, inspired by the theme In the Shadows. Illustrate a monster, create an eerie scene, share your greatest fear or whatever lurks within us all."  Select works will be featured in The New Yorker and online.

To create my piece, I searched for what little information and imagery I could find on the show (there wasn't much posted yet), and thought of my own concepts of dread, monsters and anxiety. I used paint, transfer paper, wallpaper, found paper, ink and grid-shaped sandpaper. As I described in my submission:

I am a storyteller and visual artist; I endeavored to combine the two for this piece. I referred to a photo of Vanessa [actress Eva Green] as a starting point, then used bits of wallpaper and a children’s book image to pay homage to the older time period. I included scattered words of dread: ‘finds us anxious’, ‘sticking together in calamity’, ‘screech’, and ‘death is imagined’.

With this piece, I experienced a "happy accident"-- that's art-talk for unplanned but interesting expressions of creativity. I used a bit of text near Vanessa's face that says "from eye." I discovered-- after finishing the piece-- that the character Vanessa Ives has visions, and her clairvoyance and demons appear to be a central part of storyline.

"finds us anxious too" -- the piece I submitted for the Penny Dreadful/Showtime/Arthouse Co-op Promotion.

"finds us anxious too" -- the piece I submitted for the Penny Dreadful/Showtime/Arthouse Co-op Promotion.

Interestingly enough, I found myself feeling anxious while I worked on this piece! It was hard to discern whether it was coming from real-life stressors, or if I was channeling the energy of the piece. Perhaps a bit of both.

But now, I am just waiting-- peacefully (not with dread or anxiety!)-- to hear if my piece might be selected to appear in The New Yorker promotion, or perhaps via social media. Not because I necessarily have grand plans to kick off a new stage of my art career, but more for the FUN of it-- and for being able to happily combine all these different worlds of mine-- imagery, story and public relations.

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