All Clients, Great and Small

The past year and a half has been a whirlwind of interesting clients, from Fortune 500 companies to tiny startups. I'm close to the action, and yet a step away. The variety and that little bit of distance keeps things fresh. I've supported big production all-hands meetings, and I’ve seen the stripped-down startup version which is much closer to: "Hey everybody, grab a slice of pizza and gather 'round."

For large events linking multiple sites, the preparation is intense and every detail matters-- from executive prep all the way down to the lighting. I get a kick out of the experience, from the lingo of the production crew to the last-minute changes, and the backstage laughs before showtime.

When it comes to startups, I buckle in for the ride-- keeping up and staying flexible, but also amazed at the crazy-fast pace of productivity, all supported by the seemingly-endless supply of snacks and breaks at the ping-pong table (although I’ve yet to get a game in).

Whether it's internal or external, high-production or informal, the communication needs invariably remain the same-- clarity of message, sincerity, inspiring leaders and prepared speakers. I'm enjoying doing my part, whether it's developing messaging for a brand-new startup, preparing speaking points, or making sure every event detail is covered. And honestly, I'm finding that working with all these clients, large or small, is pretty great.

Lorraine HambyComment