Ode to Writing on “I Love to Write Day”

It's not exactly a holiday (and yes, there are bigger things going on). But I'm making note of the occasion, because I do indeed love to write— everything from press releases to speeches and haiku.

It all started with the long-forgotten movie, Punchline, with Tom Hanks and Sally Fields. A review of that film was the first story I wrote for my college newspaper. Since then, writing's been a constant. From journalism to PR, internal communications and speech writing. And, yes, an occasional haiku to amuse myself.

So, I've penned a corny haiku to mark the occasion:

Putting words to work...
speeches, stories, news and blogs.
I do love to write.


So, celebrate writing and put pen to paper! Or your fingers to the keyboard. Dash off a fun update, jot some notes in a journal, or go big and start that novel you’ve been meaning to write.

Lorraine HambyComment