Media Interviews: The Juggling Act

Some experts and naturally-gifted speakers immediately feel confident going into media interviews, while newbie spokespersons might be shaking in their boots. Regardless of where you land on that spectrum, focused media training is essential.

Being interviewed is literally a juggling act. You’re not simply talking and answering questions. You simultaneously have to:

  • Establish rapport

  • Listen to questions and comments

  • Deliver key messages

  • Check for understanding

  • Make your remarks quotable

  • Remember what NOT to say

That’s a lot to manage. And of course, while you do all that, don’t forget to be confident and act natural!

Framing it up this way helps clients start to realize how to approach their role as a spokesperson, and that it takes concerted effort to prepare.

Even experts with vast amounts of information at their fingertips benefit from training. In fact, often the most knowledgeable experts struggle the most, in part because they have so much valuable information to impart. They may be a great background resource for a journalist, but run the risk of not delivering their key messages or getting quoted.

The good news is that with some training, effective interviewing skills can become second nature. It’s all about awareness, some simple tools… and some juggling practice.


Jared GibbonsComment