Ready, Set...Communicate!

When clients need help, they often need it now. They may not have grand budgets or ongoing PR needs. But they know they're stuck and are looking for a solution.

And I love being able to help clients who are in a bind! It's satisfying to be a problem-solver, and exciting to connect with people who have new ideas, innovative technologies and big plans. So I've decided to offer a 'QuickComms' service.

It's flexible, immediate support at a scale that's right for you. For a startups, it might be about sharpening your business pitch to secure funding or that first big customer. Larger organizations may need help positioning early-stage initiatives or preparing for a specific event or conference.

So for those projects where you need immediate help and don’t have time to churn on extended proposals, we’ll quickly get to work.

It can be a great way to decide on strategy, handle a crisis issue, or make some immediate traction on drafting documents. I'll provide the communications direction or PR-in-a-box that you can then finalize and implement on your own. We'll spend a few hours, and depending on what you need, I'll turn around first-pass messaging, a draft release or strategic direction-- hopefully giving you the jump start you need.

Lorraine HambyComment