media & speaker training

Hamby Communications’ media and speaker training is based on years of executive coaching, working with CEOs, technologists, non-profits and even artists. Designed to give you confidence and help you find your own voice, the training can make the difference between a good spokesperson and a great one.

The training is customized to meet each client’s needs, with separate training to prepare for presentations and for media interviews. The training is also customized with client-specific content, and modified based on experience level. The session typically includes one-on-one practice, with video taping and detailed feedback.

The training will help you to manage the juggling act of being a good spokesperson, so that you can:

-          Be authoritative and showcase your expertise

-          Gain the trust of your audience, and come across as likable

-          Think on your feet and handle tough Q&A

The training is engaging, challenging and collaborative-- ultimately giving you the confidence and skills you need to communicate with ease, purpose and authority.